Industrial Central System

Build for extreme which specialize in migratory risk surface finish & antistatic properties.

Industrial central vacuums are more focused on collecting larger and heavier debris that has fallen to the ground.

Central dust collectors are more equipped for removing airborne dust particles. However, the term central vacuum and central dust collector are used interchangeably depending on the country or specific markets. We have a complete solution for centralised vacuum systems for food Industry. A flexible system where all parts are approved for food contact. Hygienic design. Easy to clean. Our source extraction systems can be fully integrated into the production process for recycling or used as a centralised vacuum cleaning system.

How It Works?

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The Complete System for Healthy Business

Built for heavy duty usage, industrial central vacuums eliminate heavier debris and usually in operation for longer hours to accommodate industrial needs. It is a type of built-in industrial vacuum cleaner that is installed in buildings. The piping is installed within walls and removes the pollutants, bringing it to a central collection point in a remote space. As a permanent fixture in the building, it is usually placed in an open or storage area. Inlets are built-in throughout the building, where power hoses and other accessories are plugged in, eliminating the contaminants in the process.


  • Improves production environment
  • Increased product quality by elimination of dust, liquid, or smoke at the source
  • Fewer breaks in the manufacturing process
  • Shorter maintenance breaks
  • Lower repair expenses
  • More efficient waste management / recycling
  • Cleaner and safer working environment
  • Meets all demands of Health and Safety legislations
  • Motivated and healthy employees
  • Easier to recruit and retain staff


  • ATEX compliance
  • Metal industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Composite industry
  • Rubber/tyre industry
  • Transit service
  • Waste management

Why Get an Industrial Central Vacuum System?

Capture of the debris at the source helps to improve the working environment which in turn leads to higher productivity, a quicker clean-up process and improved product quality. This helps to ensure and uphold the standards of your products, as well as the general health and wellbeing of your employees.
It can also be used to clean saws, mills and lathes and other process machines. Examples of industries that may benefit from this include the metal, ceramic, and waste management industries. We carry a comprehensive range of industrial central vacuum systems suitable for all your industrial cleaning needs, with many variables to choose from.

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