Stationary Dust

Capturing dust at the source effectively translates to higher productivity, less cross contamination and wastage

Dustcontrol stationery systems are designed to serve three main functions-
Source extraction, cleaning and material transportation

These three functions are very often combined in a single extraction system. Each system is unique and adapted to the production process including special requirement of energy saving, conformity to ATEX / NFPA directives and health and safety legislations

A complete system can accommodate multiple users and normally comprises the following

  1. Vacuum producer (the heart of the system)
  2. Filter units (which separate the coarse particles in the cyclone body of the unit and fine dust in through conical pleated cartridge filters.) 
  3. Pre-separators (applicable where extracted material is coarse or voluminous) placed near the work stations for separate handling or recovery of extracted material

  4. Tubing system which transports the materials from collection points to the central unit
  5. Work station Equipment include flap valves or shutter valves, swing arms , hose reels etc

  6. Accessories and consummables
  7. Central control system

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