Mobile Dust

As a real professional, you have high standards for your tools. Whichever you decide, you can be certain that you will receive a machine that is developed with your work and health in mind and is genuinely professional.

Product Description

Portable dust extractors can be moved around to different work stations as required. This flexibility allows you to plan ahead and adapt to changes accordingly. Our products are specially designed to capture dust at its source, both where and as soon as it is created.

Both large and small companies can benefit greatly from our products and we offer a wide variety of dust extractors that is suitable for all your dust control needs.


  • Reduce airborne dust in industrial environment
  • Capture dust at the source
  • HEPA H13 filtration
  • Reliable and heavy duty product
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Cleaner and safer working environment
  • Motivated and healthy employees
  • Easier to recruit and retain staff


  • Paint industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Metal industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Composite industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wood working and furniture industry
  • Rubber/tyre industry

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