Portable Dry Dust Collector

Filter differential pressure, filter exchange time and  pulse pressure may all be controlled easily.

Automatic filter cleaning system (Air Pulse Jet System)

It clean dust stacked on the filter by jetting high pressure air to improve dust collection efficiency, and it can work 24 hours a day and extend the filter replacement period.


These products are suitable for work sites, where dry dust and particulate matters are created.

  • Powder feeding
  • Press work
  • Grinder work
  • Parts fabrication work
  • Milling work
  • Cutting work
  • Rubber material mixing


Digital monitoring & Control system

  • Equipped with high efficiency and durable turbo fan, this machine has powerful has powerful suction force with reliability, and performs quietly.

High efficiency turbo fan based on the design for its exclusive use.

  • Users can easily monitor and control filter differential pressure, replacement period, Air Pulse jey System and so on. It detects and notifies cleaning and changing period automatically so that users can operate safely and conveniently.

Automatic stop system for protection

  • If replacement or cleaning of the filter needed, it stops its operation for protection and alarms a buzzer. (After replacing the filter, it continues to operate.)

Automatic dedusting system after completing operation

  • After completing its operation (Fan Motor off), it cleans filters automatically by Air Pulse Jet System so this system can raise dust collection efficiency and extend the filters life span.

Filter designed to maximize filtering area

  • The product adopts a polyester filter with powerful frictional strength and tensile strength, and filters can capture fine particles by a cartridge filter to maximize filtering area.

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