Portable Carbon Absorption Tower

Designed with a compact structure, there is no secondary pollution during filter replacement. No tools required for filter replacement 

Cost effective and high efficient collectors

The product features compact design and large filtering area to remove organic gas and odor effectively, reduces maintenance expenses, and has convenient operating system.


It is suitable for disposing of volatile organic compounds (VOCS)

  • Ketone
  • Aldehyde
  • Organic acid
  • Nitrogen
  • Orpiment

Superior deodorization ability

It features outstanding deodorization power to the materials that cause strong odor.

  • More than 99% Ammonia
  • More than 92% Methly Mercapton
  • More than 83% Formaldehyde

Product Features:

Convenient inhalant input and maintenance

  • It is designed to be able to replace activates carbon inside the filter regularly, and this method is economical because it doesn’t need extra maintenance.

High efficiency turbo fan based on the design for its exclusive use

  • Equipped with high efficiency and durable turbo fan, this machine has powerful suction force with reliability, and performs quietly.

Digital monitoring & Control system

  • Users can conveniently monitor and control filter differential pressure, replacement period, and so on.

Automatic stop system for protection

  • If replacement or cleaning of the filter needed, it stops its operation for protection and alarms a buzzer. (After replacing the filter, it continues to operate.)

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